Floating Support

The Floating Support project aims to:

  • Offer follow up services to every resettled resident of accommodation based support projects.
  • Help residents apply for grants, set up domestic accounts and move into their own accomodation with a tapered action plan that continues from their individual hostel action plan.

Floating Support/Home Visit Support

A team or teams of support workers visiting service users in their own homes supporting them in maintaining their tenancies and managing their home. Support workers will operate mainly as multi-agency liaison encouraging service users to have regular contact and involvement with agencies that have the resources to deal with specific issues that could be affecting personal development and growth.

Why our project is needed:
There are many people of all backgrounds that find managing a tenancy and their own home difficult and these issues can lead to homelessness. It is also a requirement of most local authorities' Supporting People Operational Plans (SPOP) to reduce homelessness by supporting vulnerable people in their own homes and resettling people from hostels, long stay hospitals, B&Bs and re-habilitation centres into their own homes with floating support on a sliding scale of intensity.

Aims & Purpose:
To help people to maintain their full place in society and continue to live independently. To give vulnerable people opportunity to improve the quality of life by encouraging a stable environment which enables them to take greater responsibility for their lives. To help them to keep building hope for the future by encouraging them to access local services that support specific areas of need.

Minimum set-up requirements:
Appropriately qualified staff and volunteers Flats/houses suitable for service users moving from hostels, long stay hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Operational requirements:

  • Staff commitment
  • Project management
  • Revenue funding
  • Flats/houses suitable for service users
  • Referrals sources

Future aspirations/ development:
Sanctuary Trust Limited are working toward providing a complete programme for people suffering from, or under the threat of, homelessness. Any area of service will only be effective if it is working toward resettlement into sustainable accommodation. Sanctuary Trust Limited aspires to provide floating support services to all clients moving from more intense services such as our re-habilitation, hostel and shared housing services.

By keeping service users under the same company ethos and management through each stage will reduce the chaotic mindset and offer greater potential for resettlement success. It will also ensure that a positive relationship is built with service users before the Floating Support stage. This will reduce lone worker risks.

Registration/ Licensing/ Regulations

Target Market:
Local Council Homelessness departments

Wales and England

Value Strategy:
Benchmarking allows us to measure our services and to monitor performance and value. We have a framework of quality standards that we must measure against to constantly improve services. This framework will be reviewed with each local council that the programme makes contact with to incorporate specific standards required by that council. This will result in a globally comprehensive framework of standards to which the project will operate.

Marketing & Promotion


  • Experienced staff.
  • Overheads are minimal.
  • Links have been established with several property developers who are willing to work with Sanctuary Trust for the benefit of the homeless and properties are available in Conwy


  • One person team - difficult to exist independent of our hostels but always seems somehow to be an extension of the hostels.
  • Floating Support is a separate project and needs to be separate from other projects to prevent focus being divided
  • Funding always seems limited making the cover of holidays and other absences difficult.


  • Could easily develop into a small team of Floating Support/Home Visit Support workers if the funding can be allocated as the need has been identified.
  • This will offer a stronger team that will be better equipped to manage absenteeism and holidays by sharing work and would reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Sanctuary Trust will make all Personal Development programmes in its Hostels and shared housing projects available to Floating Support service users when appropriate to increase re-settlement and sustainable accommodation success.
  • The growth of Sanctuary Trust Cymru will require an administration office independent of any Hostel or Rehabilitation Centre. Floating Support/Home Visit Support services could operate from this office.


  • Funding becoming unavailable will prevent services from being offered.
  • Lone workers' approaching single service users in their own homes offers high risks.
  • This work can often feel isolated.


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Verse of the Day

Sanctuary Trust works with homelessness and homeless related poverty and emergency homeless issues. God's Sanctuary was the vision of Sheila Halsall after seeing the level of homelessness Rochdale and later the homelessness Conwy and the substance misuse such as Drugs and Alcohol. By Providing emergency shelter for the homeless in supported housing services funded mainly through Supporting People we assist other providers such as Shelter homelessness, Petrus and Stepping Stones who are also supporting people through women's and men's hostels and floating support. We also have STEP Emergency overnight provision. With our work in Wales we partner with Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) as they provide financial help for homeless through emergency shelter and their Supporting People funds. There are different kinds of accommodation available but what is needed is good quality supported accommodation with a strong business and development plan. We have also provided consultancy service to help others move closer to an answer to homelessness. Our social enterprise company, Sanctuary Trust Enterprises runs Noah's Ark Play Centre, The Storehouse Charity Shop.